Thank you for your interest in the City of Atlanta Department of Aviation’s (DOA’s) Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA) for Concourse G, Cargo Buildings 2A and 2B, and Associated Projects.  You may download the complete DEA using the link below.

Individual Sections of the DEA may be downloaded using the following links:

The findings of the DEA were presented at a Public Information Workshop on January 26, 2017 at the Department of Aviation’s Technical Support Campus, 1255 South Loop Road, College Park, Georgia. The presentation made by the Department of Aviation may be downloaded using the link below:

DOA is inviting public comments on the DEA. Comments are due by February 9, 2017 and will be included in the Final Environmental Assessment (FEA).

Public comments may be mailed to:
  Walter Vinson
  Public Program Coordinator
  City of Atlanta, Department of Aviation
  6000 North Terminal Parkway
  Atrium, STE 4000
  Atlanta GA 30320

Or emailed to: